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We are WWF Namibia

We see possibilities and work with our partners to turn them into realities.
We believe in a future in which people and nature thrive.

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​Our approach to conservation is based on human-rights and inclusion, with respect for the role of communities as stewards of their own land and waters.

Our goals are big, and our purpose is clear: to assist Namibia, KAZA and Africa to unlock the value of Africa’s wildlife and wild places for the benefit of local, national, and international communities.

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WWF Namibia works in dynamic, cross-cutting ways to ensure a global positive impact to protect biodiversity, restore habitats and improve the lives and livelihoods of the people of Namibia and our neighbours in the region.


WWF Namibia has been at the forefront of conservation and community-development gains for more than three decades. But challenges remain, including landscape connectivity, biodiversity protection, building resilience against climate change, and finding new ways to pay for conservation. In order to be effective, these challenges need to be approached through a local prism, with the needs and aspirations of Namibians’ are front and center.

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