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Enabling environment

Build the enabling environment for conservation

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Why is this important?

Inclusive conservation requires an enabling environment that includes favourable policy, an active, capable, and vibrant community of practice, and a society that recognises the opportunities presented by wildlife and wild places.

This process begins with sharing information on pressing environmental issues, such as climate change, wildlife crime and unsustainable development with national and international stakeholders and partners while at the same time, gaining a greater understanding of the opportunities presented to Namibia and KAZA as we strive for a vibrant “green and blue economy.”

As WWF Namibia expands its programmatic impact, it is critical to invest in our operations and team who make this possible.

Despite reduced funding for civil society and NGOs, and the challenges of doing more with less, an enabling environment for conservation needs to be restored and a new joint conservation movement needs to be developed. The combination will contribute to the protection of the environment, pride in conservation successes, and sustainable human development.

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What we do

  • Together with our conservation partners, WWF will establish a Namibian Community Conservation and Innovation Hub, a joint workspace and laboratory for learning and sharing.
  • We create and share content that amplifies and supports WWF’s strategic objectives and our communications strategy.
  • WWF develops programmes for young professionals through internships, a research associates initiative, and other professional development opportunities that will complement the existing conservation leadership programme.
  • We work with our partners to develop high-level engagement plans on key environmental matters, including strategic environmental plans and assessments on the Kwando and Zambezi rivers and around oil and gas development in Namibia amongst others.
  • We work collaboratively to identify and initiate key collaborations within the WWF network to advance issues of importance to people and the planet.

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Communities, Academics, Civil Society and Media

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