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Culture and values
© NACSO/WWF Namibia
We are fully committed to embodying the values that are shared throughout the WWF Network:

WWF works in collaboration with our partners with rural communities for whom the land and its natural resources are their birth right.  

We are ever mindful that the costs of living with wildlife are borne by rural people, who aspire to improve their livelihoods, and that only through sustainable development and by working together can we create a world where both nature and people can thrive.  

We are dedicated to inclusive conservation, to empowering communities, and to ensuring that our projects and people support human rights and the rights of indigenous people. 

© NACSO/WWF Namibia
Environment and Social Safeguards Framework

WWF Namibia follows WWF globally guidelines in applying the WWF Network Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESSF) Framework to our programmes. WWF’s ESSF provides an institutional mechanism to manage the environmental and social risks of WWF’s work, helps deliver better conservation outcomes, and enhances the social well-being of local communities in the places where WWF operates.