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Responsible stewardship of wildlife and wild places for livelihoods, governance, and conservation.

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Why is this important?

Three decades of work in Namibia have shown that when people and communities have legally recognized rights to sustainably manage and benefit from natural resources, and, most importantly, have ownership and pride of these resources, conservation outcomes are enhanced.

Still, challenges remain. They include increasing conservation and development needs; insufficient skills and resources to effectively address them; disincentives for good governance and good management that lead to weak conservation performance and effect; lack of economic sector coordination and cohesion; and competing land uses systems and mechanisms that do not allow conservancies, indigenous people, and local communities to equitably benefit from sustainable natural resource management.

Addressing these challenges and delivering on the conservation and development needs and aspirations of the country, WWF will continue its long-term engagement and support to communities, and expand its focus to include working to enhanced stewardship in: (i) communal conservancies, (ii) protected areas and (iii) freehold farms.

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What we do

  • We provide institutional, financial, and technical support to the Community-based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) programme to:
    • Strengthen governance and institutional capacities of civil society and community-based organisations which is critical to combatting wildlife crime, effective management of finances and ensuring rights-based, inclusive conservation results.
    • Streamline natural resource monitoring through innovation and technology.
    • Lead initiatives that impact socio-economic and livelihoods improvements targeting rural communities, including green economy development opportunities.
    • Secure sustainable financing through Namibia For Life, a Project Finance for Permanence approach that will create an endowment fund for long-term support services to community conservation.
  • We provide financial and technical support to Ministry of Environment Forestry and Tourism programmes, including:
    • Conservancies and community forests
    • Parks and species management plans and strategies Integrated Forest management plans
    • Zambezi Wildlife Corridors Strategy Rhino Custodianship programme

© WWF-Namibia
Who we work with

Government, Communities, Landowners and Civil Society

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